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04 October 2013

Sugar Maple Gelli Print Dream

I had a dream once, and in it I was napping in a park under a gorgeous grove of colorful Maple trees.
What does this have to do with my Gelli Print? Well Everything of course!
The dream was my inspiration for this creation!

I didn't take any in process pictures, because once I get in the groove, I don't take time to stop and photograph every step. But, I can tell you it was created using two pieces of paper, and four layers of paint.

Here is the process I used:
  • Layer 1 - I used about 3 different yellow paints. A matte, A pearl & an extra fine glitter paint.
  • I used a brayer to distribute the paint evenly on the Gelli Plate. 
  • Then I added real leaves vein side down all over the plate...leaving some areas uncovered.
  • Then I pulled two separate prints...
  • First Print was pulled with the leaves in place, leaving lots of white space behind in the leaf shapes.
  • Second print was pulled after I removed only the leaves from the Gelli Plate. 
  • I used separate pieces of paper for the two prints.
  • Layer 2 - I followed the exact same process as Layer 1, except I used Greens for my second color layer. 
  • I used the same two prints in the same sequence as above...thus building multiple layers and adding interest. 
  • Oh, one change I made to each layer...I changed the placement of the leaves on the plate!
  • Layer 3 -  Again the same process as Layer 1 except I used the same variety of paints only in Orange.
  • Layer 4 - This is the last layer of my prints, and thus the top layer of paint, so I used the same process as the other layers, using a bit of Copper Metallic paint and a Red Pearl paint.

I chose my colors to resemble real fall colors and the changing of the leaves in the Autumn!

Below are the resulting prints:

This one was the print pulled with the leaves ON the Gelli Plate. 4 Layers of Autumn Goodness!
I cut the first one into quarters and made a card out of it for a friend's birthday.
Sorry, I cut it before I took a picture, but I had a deadline to meet so I put them back together for the picture. The others will be used for other Autumn Birthday cards yet to come!
I had to wait until her birthday was over before I could post this! 

Side note: One the card, I used some burlap, an old button and one of the cute little Tim Holtz Idea-ology wishbones! I just love them! And I used Tim's Simple Sayings stamp set for the sentiment!

One extra thing that I did to the print after cutting it apart was add distress stain to the blank areas.
I used Crushed Olive on the one I used for the card shown. I also used Wild Honey in the top Left quadrant, Forest Moss in the lower Left quadrant and Gathered Twigs in the lower right quadrant.
You can't really see the glitter much in the photo, but the extra fine glitter paints really add a nice touch to the prints. Who doesn't love glitter?

This one was pulled after first print was pulled, and I removed the leaves from the Gelli Plate. There was plenty of paint still left on the plate to get a beautiful print. Again, 4 layers of colorful Autumn inspiration. Again, I added some Distress Stain to the final print to color in the open areas. This time I used Tumbled Glass, to resemble the clear blue sky in my dream. Can you see it? Doesn't it look just like the view you get when you stare up at the sky through the colorful Autumn trees?

Now, after I was finished with my two Maple leaf prints, there was entirely too much residual paint and texture left on the plate. To let all that go to waste would be a Gelli Crime! So, I decided to take advantage of the residue and texture and pull one more print. This time, I used Deli paper!
I added a light layer of creme colored matte paint to the plate, then I ran a texture brayer over the plate, to give just a little more interest. My hubby found this cool net tube and saved it for me. I guess he does listen when I talk about all the cool craft supplies I can find for free. Anyway, it fit tightly around one of my brayers, so I now have a cool net texture tool and I love it! I plan to collage with this one...maybe use it for a Journal cover.

OK...enough details talk...here is the final Clean-up Print that I pulled:

I gotta tell you...Once you get a Gelli Plate...your whole outlook on supplies changes!
Nothing is safe from being used to create your art!

I hope you enjoyed this little Gelli Tutorial.

Please feel free to try this at home!

WARNING: Gelli Printing has been proven to be very addictive...and I don't think there is a
Gelli Printers Anonymous forming anytime soon. Because no one who has tried it wants to quit!

Gotta love Gellin' at the Cr@ft L@b!

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