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21 March 2013

My Tattered Florals Challenge Entry

I have been working on this banner for our store all week. I finished it a couple of days ago, but have just now found time to take some pics and get them uploaded.

This is not anything super fancy or distress, but I wasn't exactly going for that look this time either. I wanted something a little more Springy and girly. I know that seems strange coming from me huh? Anyway, It wasn't photographing very well with all the lights in the background, so we held up a large piece of cardboard behind a small section of the banner, just to give you a look. The banner actually runs 30 feet across the width of our store and looks quite pretty hanging up. You'll have to come into the store to see the whole thing. Here are a couple of pictures of just a portion of the banner. I knew I was running out of time...and wanted to get this posted so I can get my entry into the contest that ends tomorrow over here: http://timholtz.com/tattered-floral-challenge/ So, you've got until tomorrow to get your entry into the drawing too.

Happy Easter Banner for the Cr@ft L@b store
What sparked this banner idea you might wonder? Well, I had a huge stack of brightly colored felt piled up in my stash and I hadn't done anything with it since I bought it a while back. So, I thought I'd better put it to use before it got lost in the shuffle. So...I made 40 Felt Flowers! Say that 10 times without messing up! LOL.
I had no real rhyme or reason to what colors I put together, I just laid all my flowers out by size and color and then randomly pulled from the stacks until I had them all put together. I used a brad through a flower sequin washer to secure the layers, then a Tombow Power tab to attach the flowers to the paper doilies. Then I hung them from twine with mini clothes pins from Canvas Corp. Since Easter is right around the corner, I decided to add an Easter message to the banner. I made it using my Cricut and the Easter solutions cartridge. I cut out the word SPRING from the same cartridge, and put it on the other side, so it can be switched out after Easter.

Here is a little more of the banner. Sorry it looks a little blurry...like I said before it spans 30 feet, so I could not get it all in one picture and I had a hard time holding my iPad still since the banner is up above my head.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my entry for the Tattered Floral Challenge. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Feel free to leave a comment to let us know you were here.
Have a blessed Easter!

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