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14 September 2012

Pin-spiration - iPhone holder

I have a project that was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest recently. Unfortunately, I cannot locate the original pin to give them credit...but I can tell you the project I found was made from a different product than I used for my project. They used a Johnson's Baby Lotion bottle.

Here's a look at what I used to create my project:
I started with an empty Caress body wash bottle.
The stickers removed easily with no fuss and left no sticky residue.
Once I had the bottle stripped of it's identifiable branding I set out to make a holder as follows.
1. I drew a line from seam to seam horzintally across the front of the bottle. (Roughly an inch shorter than the height of my iPhone.)
2. I used my Tonic scissors (Tim Holtz) to cut along the line.
3. Then I cut up the seam on both sides towards the top of the bottle.
4. The I cut horizontally along the ridge running across the top of the bottle.
5. Once the pocket was created with the steps above...I traced my large charger in the center of the back (higher) section of my holder. I just used a sharpie...don't worry about the lines, hand sanitizer will erase them later.
6. I cut out the charger shape once again with my Tonic (Tim Holtz) scissors.
7. I decided to cut a hole in the bottom of the bottle for the charger cord to hang through. It measures about 1/4" x 1" Just big enough for it to seat nicely in the holder.
8. I sanded the rough edges with my Tonic (Tim Holtz) sander and used Hand Sanitizer to clean off all the sharpie marks. (Thanks Tim for giving us this glorious tip about Hand Sanitizer in your Creative Chemistry 101 class!)
This is what is looks like after taking the steps above.
It is raw, unfinished...ready to transform...

I used my We R Memory Keepers Corner Chomper to round the corners. I used the 1/2" corner rounder side.

Here it is once the corners were rounded.

I didn't take any photos of the process I used to embellish my iPhone holder, but I can tell you I used the Paper Napkin Collage set from US Art Quest to embellish it. I love the napkin collage technique!
Their Perfect Paper Adhesive (PPA gloss) was used to adhere the single printed layer of napkin to the
slick holder surface. Then another layer of PPA was added over the top to smooth out the napkin.
Then I used some of their shimmering watercolors to enhance the image and add some shimmer.
Then I added a tiny bit of their Crystal effects glitter...then another layer of PPA Gloss to seal it.

This is my finished project...complete and in use. It works great...and looks pretty too. I love the functionality of having a place to hang my phone while it charges!
I hope this inspires you to try your hand at recycling some of your plastic containers...the possibilities are endless...just think of all the practical uses for small containers.

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I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about this project.